Varis: Reclamation


Soon as in whenever I start working only one job!

The group cautiously approaches the town, which seems strangely out of place and peaceful considering it is literally down the road from orc territory.

They meet a young farmer who drives them into town on his wagon and tells them about their glorious queen Robyn who called all the citizens to the town and has protected them from the orcs ever since.

Roklys and Usara don’t like the place and leave, heading south to camp for the night outside of town.

Horace and Gabriel go to visit Queen Robyn in her stone tower on a hill overlooking town.

The door opens to let them in as they knock but no one is in the entry chamber which is draped in white tapestries and comfortable seats.

As they explore the room the door slams shut and they notice a large raven staring down at them from the wooden rafters. A chill starts to creep into the air as they hear the sound of a woman’s high heels clicking above them and within moments a tall, exoticly beautiful and intimidating woman with pale white skin and hair appears. She wears a long blue gown and her presence brings near-freezing temperatures.

She speaks with Gabriel and the cowering Horace before attempting to force Gabriel to do her bidding with an enchantment and the promise that together they could expand Ravenhome’s borders but Gabriel’s mind shrugged her suggestions off and the Queen’s power seemed to break.

She told the duo to leave her tower and the town or risk becoming trapped there like all of her subjects: safe from the outside world but never able to leave the boundaries of the village.

Taking her word at face value the two flee, gathering Usara and Roklys and running south as the sun sets and a flock of ravens appears on the horizon to chase them (or guide them) from the Queen’s territory.

The group runs through a thick forest before camping for the night alongside a clear mountain stream.



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