Varis: Reclamation

The Old Stone Bridge

Crossing the Stromedar River

After weeks of travel the companions find themselves following along the Stromedar River, being led by Horace to the hidden dwarven stronghold of Sanctuary.

They meet with a group of dwarves from the Stouthearth Clan and are advised that the best course of action is crossing the Stromedar and avoiding the Gray Marshes.

As they approach the bridge (with Roklys providing their daily food along the way) they realize it is guarded by nearly a dozen orcs.

They fight their way through the orcs who fire volleys of arrows from their watch towers and burn the bridge down to block the return of the orcish patrol across the river.

While looting one of the watch towers they find a chest with a slender longsword with a black gem in the hilt, a gauze-wrapped potion, and a golden idol of Pelor along with a bit of coin.

After running from the Bridge they pass through the rotting ruins of a village Gabriel identifies as Stromeferry, a Breton village destroyed by the Orcs during the war.

The group takes shelter in the deep woods to rest after nearly keeling over from exhaustion and anger a nature spirit.

Roklys’s quick thinking saves the group and placates the fey who allows them to sleep within its grove in safety.

When the morning dawns however the group hurries off and within a few days they spot a strange village and a old stone tower in the distance at the end of the road…


Soon my butt! :P

The Old Stone Bridge

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