Varis: Reclamation

The Story Thus Far

Introducing the Druid

After a very uncomfortable, frigid night Gabe wakes and now that exhaustion has been staved off for the moment he begins examining his surroundings.

The coastline is rugged and the sheer cliffs fall sometimes more than 200 feet before reaching the churning sea below. That he managed to make it the ten feet from the sea to the ledge he slept on is in of itself an amazing feat.

The easiest way that Gabriel sees to get to the top of the cliff is a crevice leading to a small grassy gully some distance away. He picks his way along the cliffs until he reaches the crevice and then climbs into the sloping gully and collapses onto the grass.

...Then he hears something and looking down he spots two bedraggled forms barely clinging to a jagged rock: Usara and Horace.

To go into detail would be far too long but let me just say that to get the two (Usara being completely unconscious and close to death) up the cliff face and into the relative safety of the gully was a painstaking and very life threatening trial.

Despite being dropped in the water once Usara appears to be still alive (though barely).

Gabriel looks at Horace, “Horace, help me check him, please.”

Horace comes forward, mumbling, “I don’t know anything about healing my friend.”

“Neither do I.” Gabe says but together they look over Usara’s still form and try and figure out how to help keep him alive.

“THE DEVIL IS IN ME! THE DEVIL IS IN ME! ASMODEUS!” Horace shrieks suddenly both surprising Gabriel and making him laugh as the little gnome nearly topples over. Ripping pieces from the once decent clothing they wore to wrap his wounds they spend the rest of the day waiting and watching, helping to keep Usara warm, finding him a small amount of water and food (and for themselves).

Then they pass out, exhausted, in a tiny hole in the cliff barely big enough for all of them and use their combined body warmth to keep warm as the sun sinks into the horizon and the air grows chill once more.

They sleep for an entire day and wake up as the sun is setting once more over the ocean and get a grand view before being startled half-to-death by a large creature at the top of the cliff. Whatever it was they never found out, perhaps a bear of sorts, as they climbed the 40 or so feet from the gully to the top of the cliff.

What they find on the top of the cliff is a land of rolling grassy hills with scattered groves of trees. The landscape undulates and grows more rugged as it reaches the massive mountains in the distance.

After exploring Gabriel cautiously climbs down to check on Horace and Usara and from above him he hears footsteps. A man with red hair is looking down at him with curiousity and suspicion and Gabriel leaps at the opportunity, asking the man to help him save Usara.

Relctantly the man, Roklys, climbs carefully down the steep cliff and into the gully. As Roklys climbs Gabriel notices that the man is a half-elf. After reaching the bottom of the gully, and after ascertaining that the group is a bunch of unfortunates who were shipwrecked, Roklys looks over the unconscious catfolk. He murmurs a soft incantation and light springs from his finger tips and into the catfolk’s infected wounds and to Gabriel’s amazement they begin to close.

The rest of the night follows with Roklys and Gabriel (and Company) questioning each other to see if they trust one another. Roklys tells them he is heading north, to the Great Vale, but doesn’t say much more than that.

By morning the group has agreed to travel together and Roklys shares his bedroll to help keep the others, who lack warm clothing, protected from the cold weather.



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