Horace Jinglebottom

A balding, middle-aged and babbling gnome


Horace Jinglebottom has said he is from the dwarven city of Azduum far to the north in the frigid highlands. He is happy-go-lucky, helpful, though cowardly and VERY good at hiding.

He would be well-spoken were it not for his continued psychotic outbursts in which he shouts or says horrible or nonsensical things. He seems to have only a limited knowledge of these outbursts and they certainly don’t stop him from trying to talk. He is perhaps the most talkative of Gabriel’s new allies but he also is the one who has proven himself least in combat. When the trading ship he and the others were passengers on, the Heron, was attacked by orc and hobgoblin slavers Horace disappeared, stowing away aboard the orc warship in a barrel of pickles.

His cowardice and psychosis aside Horace claims to be a linguist who was travelling to visit his cousins in Caedwyr.

He also appears to have a great deal of difficulty taking lives. When he killed an orc warrior with a thrown dagger near the coast of old Bretyn he was overcome with guilt and self-loathing.

Update: As of 2/16/08 the cowardly but fun-loving Horace has disappeared during the battle against Duz Nightcurse and his forces.

Horace Jinglebottom

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