Young Druid


5’9, athletic build with short, brown hair and emerald green eyes. Has natural good looks, his eyes being his only real striking feature with a depth that seems to sparkle with mystery.


Roklys’ past is of most unique tragic circumstances. His mother,the story goes, was held captive. How, she never did say. When the Ilthar patrol had discovered the bandit’s camp in the forest, they had found her tied in the leader’s tent severely beaten, naked, and being used for his and likely some of his men’s sick pleasures. Unable to let such acts continue, the party came immediately to her rescue, however several of the bandits escaped, including the leader.

Shortly after returning the young Daemar woman to their village, it was discovered that she was pregnant. The Ilthar were at first reluctant to inform the woman, but after she had passed the critical stage they felt obligated to let her know. In disgust, the woman was caught several times attempting an abortion.

However, due to the Ilthar’s value of life, they couldn’t allow her to take the life of this innocent babe. He was told at first, that they had used magic to then hasten thebirthing process and when she was healthy enough to travel, they had induced birth, but later he heard tell that in one of her rages for giving birth to an ‘abomination’, she had finally proved, at least, part-way successful however magic was used to save his life. The birth however was incredibly difficult, and many believe that she died due to her over-zealousness to be rid of her child. The only one who knows for sure what happened was the sage who was called to perform the magic, the village head, and the birthing woman. The sage died some years later and the head, having decided that the news of a half-daemer child should be hidden for his own protection, forbid the midwife from speaking of the matter and sealed the pact with magic.

He was placed with Ilthar foster parents and raised in the Ilthar way. However, growing up, typical of most half-elves, he felt alienated from the other Ilthar. He grew to have a particularly strong connection to the forest and would spend much of his free time in isolation communing with nature. When he had turned adolescent and his rebellious human side began to furvently question the nature of his parentage he was taken to the Elder and told him the tragic story of his birth.

Although he was shocked and somewhat hurt by the story, he accepted it for better or worse. Though the nature of his conception, and perhaps some slight inherited tendency, he has developed a bit of a bitterness towards his human half as a scapegoat to that which has alienated him from the rest of his kin, race, and from his peers. A short time later he then sought out the druidic circle and began his training in the arts of nature.

His mother, he doesn’t know, she would barely even speak to the elves who had ‘helped’ her. And the elder wanting to keep the, as he saw it, immature youngling with the brashness of a human from getting into trouble, avoided the questions as to the fate of his mother. He was told only to keep up his studies and all would be revealed when the wisdom of age had tempered his fire. This of course led Roklys to study much on his own about the Daemar and culminated to his final disappointment when he realized he’d never be able to find her or know half his heritage more intimately, due to the hatred of his ‘inpure’ nature. Which is rumored to be a big factor to his leaving shortly after. He was raised kindly enough, though his feeling of difference caused him to alienate himself from most other people in his village.


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