Vargas, Wolf Sword

A wolf spirit whose essence is trapped within a rimy blade

weapon (melee)

Vargas is an intelligent falchion that is functionally a +3 Frost Burst Falchion with the additional abilities of a Frostbrand. The blade sheds light as a torch when the temperature is below 0 degrees, the sword also absorbs the first 10 points of fire damage ach round that it’s wielder would otherwise take.

In addition, the Sword of Vargas extinguishes all nonmagical fires in a 20-foot radius. As a standard action, it can also dispel lasting fire spells, but not instantaneous effects. You must succeed on a dispel check (1d20 +14) against each spell to dispel it.

The sword is also intelligent and has the following traits:

Alignment: Lawful Neutral. As a living nature spirit Vargas valued his freedom and sought balance between good and evil, the natural world harbors neither. The time trapped in the sword has changed Vargas and he is no longer as tempestuous and capricious. Vargas instead has come to believe it is his duty to protect the world from great evils, especially the every hungry orcs and giants of the north which preyed constantly upon his followers.

Stats: Intelligence 14, Wisdom 16, Charisma 14

Languages: Varisian Common, Sylvan, Giant

Senses: 30ft

Communication: Empathy, Telepathy with Wielder (once bond is strong enough)


Forged of cold-iron, this Falchion was crafted as a prison for the great wolf spirit Vargas, Patron of the Snow Wolf Barbarians. A long strip of pure white wolf fur dangles from the otherwise unadorned hilt, crude runes adorn the length of the blade, and the blade’s edge has a jagged, almost sawed appearance.

The Sword of Vargas is literally a prison for the soul of the great wolf himself, sucked from his corporeal body by the sword after being killed in combat with the Ogre Mage Hymir.

The Snow Wolf Clan venerated Vargas as their patron spirit but when they were attacked by Hymir and his band of Ogres, Vargas was tricked into revealing himself to protect his worshipers and trapped within Hymir’s cursed blade.

Hymir was eventually defeated by the druid Roklys and his companion Gabriel but Vargas could not be freed from the sword and accepted Roklys as his wielder. The sword has since been lost to history though rumors of its existence linger in the harsh wilds of the Highlands.

Vargas, Wolf Sword

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